Best Footwear To Pair With Board Shorts For Men

Board shorts are the preferred choice of clothing worn by all beach-goers and especially surfers and for good reason too

Board shorts for men are especially designed to handle all types of water and sand activities,Guest Posting from swimming and surfing to participating in a friendly beach volleyball game.

Though board shorts are great to wear on your beach outing, they can work just as well when worn on other casual occasions, especially when you know what footwear to pair it with.

Are board shorts fit for casual wear?

The short answer is yes, board shorts can be worn for casual occasions that are not beach-based. The only requirement for board shorts for men to fit well in casual occasions is for you to have a versatile pair of board shorts in your wardrobe to match the occasion. Board shorts come in a variety of colors. The best ones for casual wear are the ones with muted colors (grey, black, khaki, green, etc.)

With the right color, style, and texture combination, you can make board shorts your easy to wear casual attire when the occasion seems fit for it. But to truly make the board short wear work to its fullest, you need to consider the other crucial lower body attire to wear alongside it – the footwear.

What footwear to match with board shorts

The footwear is an essential piece in making your casual look good looking. Even if you have the perfect shirt and short match, your entire look could be ruined if you do not have a matching shoe. From common flip flops to Reef sandals, the following are the best footwear to match your board shirt get-up.
Flip Flops – Probably the best match for board shorts out of this list. Whether you’re on the beach on when attending other casual occasions, flip flops just looks good together with board shorts. Just be sure to wear plain ones with a color that complements your skin tone.
Espadrilles – Next on the list, we have the espadrilles. Taking the comfort of flip flops while upping its formality level a tad bit, these shoes bridge indoor and outdoor footwear. They are easy to take on and off, and are just on the right amount of comfort to make short walking trips more bearable.
Canvas Sneakers – If you’re a shoe enthusiast, perhaps wearing sneakers would be more comfortable for you over flip flops and espadrilles. Plain black or white canvas sneakers paired with the right board shorts can be your perfect holiday look.
Sandals – Sandals, like flip flops are perfect to pair with shorts. Sandals give the message that the wearer is currently on chill mode. If you plan to have quite long walks in the sandal-board short get-up, then make sure you have high-quality sandals equipped like Reef sandals. When wearing sandals though, avoid also wearing socks. It just makes the look seem a little off.

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